Debt Settlement/Consolidation Inbound Calls

Offer Name: Debt Settlement/Consolidation Calls. 125 sec buffer deal.
Buying Inbound Calls for Debt settlement/consolidation of Credit Card Debt & Personal Loans.
Geo: USA Only, NationWide
Tracking Platform: Ringba
Criteria for Qualification: 125 sec Buffer.
Additional validation:-
$10k minimum credit card debt load and personal loans only and some medical debt (unsecured debt). No repos.
Payment status: Over 90 days late and/or in collections, showing some type of hardship
Not enrolled in a program
Has a current source of income. There will be monthly payments on the program (Minimum payments are roughly = 2% of their total debt) so consumer needs to have an income.

Schedule: Mon-Th: 9:30am – 7:00pm EST, Fri: 9:30am – 5:00pm EST
Payment Terms; Monthly
Mode Of payments: Cash, Crypto USDT, Bank Wire, Bank Account Transfers.
Allowed Sources: Google ads, Bing, Facebook, Social media, US Based Call Center Transfers.